Welding and plasma metal cutting machines

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Green Technology

Respect for the environment is an aspect that Elettro c.f. holds as preeminent, in keeping with what has been the world trend for years in aiming for eco-sustainable research and development. This philosophy reflects in the development of equipment aimed at energy savings and low environmental impact. The various solutions that have been adopted to achieve this goal include the function "Energy Saver", available in some items, that only switches on fans and/or cooling liquid pumps if necessary, the reduction in electromagnetic emissions, deriving from the use of torches with ignition without high frequency, and the development of power sources with low power consumption.

For the models identified by the logo(Power Factor Correction)harmonic distortion was eliminated or reduced through the use of electronic devices, in response to European regulation IEC/EN 61000-3-12 which governs the maximum levels of electric and electronic devices connected directly to the public low voltage power lines.

The logo identifies power sources that feature one or more of the aforementioned characteristics.