Welding and plasma metal cutting machines

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Synergic Plasma Patent

Elettro C.F. has obtained the patent for its Synergic Plasma system.
The patent claims a new Synergic Plasma cutting system in which the power source, having acquired at least one processing parameter, is able to recall and automatically set all the others. Moreover, it suggests to the operator the optimal processing speeds according to the type of processing, the inserted nozzle and the geometric characteristics of the path to be created.

The operator can modify all the parameters at his discretion, depending on the production to carry out, and when even one of these parameters changes, the synergic controller automatically modifies all the others, furthermore, it sets correctly the current sensors as well as the pressure regulator to optimize the new parameter entered.

The three fundamental values of plasma cutting (thickness of the material/cutting current/cutting speed) are thus bound together in a synergistic way, to always guarantee the correct self-regulation of the power source at each variation of one of them.