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A starter, in addition to the function of charging the batteries, enables direct start-up of vehicles. Usually has a protection system to prevent overcharging and reverse polarity.
Using a starter to start a vehicle is required when its battery does not have enough energy to power the starter motor.
In this case the energy needed can be taken by connecting the starter to the mains power and setting it to start-up mode.
Sometimes it is useful to charge the battery for some minutes (fast charge) before to carry out the start –up.
Starters are professional devices intended for use only by skilled personnel such as car electricians and so on.
A Start Booster is a power unit used to assist in cranking engines in emergency conditions, for the first start of the day or for starting in adverse weather conditions (low temperatures). It can be used anywhere and by anyone. It can start cars, vans, trucks, boats, farm machinery, generators, etc.
Besides solving starting problems, it can be used as a “memory saver” by connecting it to the cigarette lighter of your vehicle, in fact most cars are equipped with electronic components with a memory (alarm systems, computers, radios, telephones, etc ...) that during the replacement of the battery, due to the power failure, can suffer the tedious and costly loss of all information stored. But, the Start Booster, connected to the cigarette lighter socket, acts as a "buffer battery" keeping active all memories until the replacement of the battery is completed. Furthermore it’s also a multipurpose portable power source for electrical devices such as lamps, radios, televisions, personal computers, DIY tools etc. if the mains supply sources are not available.
The heart of the booster is made up of one or more special batteries able to operate in any position and to provide extremely high starting currents compared to their size and weight. An electronic system protects the vehicle electronics from voltage spikes.
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